Our greatest asset is our youth, and it is our responsibility to educate the children of Kansas well. We must make sure that parents are in charge of their children’s education and the maximum amount of dollars actually get to the classroom.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and I’m proud of it. I grew up around guns, learning how to properly shoot, clean, carry and store them. I believe that our 2nd Amendment is what keeps our government in check and also gives us the ability to defend ourselves and our families.

Lowering Taxes

Kansas must become competitive. We can only do so by continuing to reform our tax law. I’m proud of my track record as Mayor, by maintaining one of the lowest municipal tax mill levies in Sedgwick County and still was able to grow the city. I plan on working to do the same thing for the State of Kansas.

Protecting Healthcare

Obamacare continues to be a problem for Kansans, and the far left have teamed up to pass a radical, expensive expansion of the Medicaid system. I can promise you that I will fight this ridiculous government expansion.

Limiting Government

Out-of-control government limits our freedom as individuals and hinders the growth of the businesses in our state. Citizens from all over Kansas are impacted in very real ways, and I am dedicated to standing up for people just like you. My time and accomplishments as Mayor of the City of Goddard show that I can do just that.

Strengthening Businesses & the Economy

The State of Kansas needs to focus on business-friendly policies that encourage business owners to bring their companies to our great state. Business need help with problems like finding employees, cutting bureaucratic red tape, and incentives. That is exactly what I want to focus on, but government is not the solution for growing businesses or creating jobs. Limiting government’s negative effect on business is the best way to achieve these goals.

Protecting the Unborn

On April 26, 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court took power from Kansas voters and found a nearly unlimited “right to abortion” in our 1859 State Constitution. Prior to this ruling, through widely supported limitations, our state’s abortion rates had been reduced by 43% since 1999 and partial birth abortions had been completely banned. Essentially, women and their preborn babies have now been abandoned to an unregulated abortion industry. This needs to STOP and we need to protect the unborn.

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